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A Wine for Hearty Winter Dishes

Even if you’re not in Vermont, where today’s high is expected to be zero (farenheit), there’s nothing better than a hearty cold weather dish for dinner. Whether it’s a lasagna Bolognese, a venison stew, chili con carne, pasta with wild mushrooms, or even a cheeseburger, Lincoln Peak Vineyard’s Marquette is a perfect pairing. We recommend popping open the bottle ahead of time and adding a splash to your recipe. Perhaps you should have two.

LPV’s Marquette is a rich dark dry red with notes of black cherry and and black pepper notes and more tannin than the other northern reds. .

From the Marquette grape, a cousin of Frontenac and a grandson of Pinot Noir, it was developed by the University of Minnesota to be cold hearty and is perfect for growers in Vermont. It is also one of the most popular wines from Vermont.

One of the many possible stops on our Addison County tasting tour.